disclaimer: this is a quick summary of what is happening and where to find further information, not an expert explanation of the entire situation

what is the background of #save12hkyouth?

on august 23, 2020, 12 hong kong activists attempted to flee to taiwan, only to be intercepted in the south china sea by the guangdong unit of the chinese coast guard.

what is the current situation?

1. they are currently being held in a detention center near shenzhen, china.

2. they are being held under china's national security law, which means the chance of bail is low and are under risk of lifetime imprisonment.

3. none of the detainees have been allowed to meet with their lawyers. it has been three weeks. the youngest one there is 16.

4. the detainees are being denied medication, including antidepressants and treatment for asthma.

5. the families of the detainees have released four demands in a press conference:

what are the four demands?

1. reject government-appointed lawyers and allow legal representatives appointed by the family to meet with the 12 hongkongers.

2. allow the 12 hongkongers to make phone calls to their families.

3. provide necessary medication to ensure the health condition of the 12 hongkongers.

4. demand the hong kong government’s assistance in protecting their basic legal rights and extraditing them to hong kong.

how can i help?

1. sign and share this white house petition.
petitions help raise awareness from both other individuals and the media. don't discount the importance of your signature.

2. spread awareness.
sharing information is always important, especially for a lesser-known cause like this one. you can link this carrd (and add it to carrd masterlists) or rt this twitter thread.

3. educate yourself more.
#save12hkyouth twitter tagnews articles from reliable asian news sources, such as appledaily or cnainformative twitter threads like this one from hk activist joshua wong & this one from the HKIA (hong kong international alliance)
4. petition western news outlets to broadcast more on the issue.
few major american newspapers have reported on this so far (wsj 1, 2) . for example, you can pitch to more papers like the new york times for more information and coverage.

westerners, if you can speak up, please do so. this has not been getting the attention it deserves. people are putting their livelihoods at risk to get this information out to you to share.

an enormous thank you to all my friends in asia for educating me on this issue. if you have extra information/clarifications, reach out to me through this form.

information sources are linked in images and in the further reading articles/threads

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